Sunday, 2 December 2007


How about someone posting a new chapter over the Christmas period, huh? Huh?


QE said...

Christmas period? It's still the 3rd!

I had the last chapter, but I'll do another if nobody else steps up.

sean said...

To the tree divine persons in one or the divine in the three persons, and more.
I always say if you want something done do it yourself, but then I would have to being mortal. O yes, that's a terrible thing to say: Christmas is a 3rd.
;-) ;-)

paddy said...

There he goes again: the tree divine, what on earth is a tree divine- some kind of (Lord of the Rings) Ent, a tree " hugger," with the wrong spelling no doubt; bugger's more like.
Get yourself into rehab Reckless.
Hey, I could do with someone writing a few posts, let me know will you.

GreatSheElephant said...

Thank you QE - that would be great.

QE said...

OK, it's not forgotten, I'm just going to have to make time to sit down and reread the story so far before I can see what ought to happen next.

Emma said...


QE said...

I must admit, shortly after I said it wasn't forgotten, it became so. I'm really busy at the moment so if anyone else wants the next chapter they should go ahead.

Jorge said...

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